MEWESA is a threefold vision that sprouted from my research in the past few years. It is an idea that aims to give attention to both the individual and the collective, never losing sight of who you are.

ME incorporates the personal dimension. I firmly believe that you need to give attention to your own growth as a person to make an impact in this world. WE focus on the need to invite others (human and non-human) into the design process to stretch our boundaries beyond the ego-self as Suzi Gablik would say.SA speaks of my  South African background and heritage.

Inviting in the other makes art more socially responsive. It is not activism in the sense of the old paradigm, but an empathetic means of seeing through another’s eyes, of stretching our boundaries beyond the ego-self to create a wider view of the world… Both are necessary. What I am suggesting is not to abandon one in favour of the other but to find a greater balance between the two (Gablik 1992:6).

Enkaninistoyline (2014) is a group of women that gathered on a weekly basis around the subject of crochet. Crochet acts as a boundary object that brings women from different age groups and walks of life together around a table of conversation. Part of this project I participated with Gwendolyn Meyer. Together we submitted a proposal for an OpenIdeo challenge for women’s safety in rural areas.

Photo credit: Gwendolyn Meyer