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Project Description

Master’s Exhibition

Title: Point, line and plane: Drawing practice as a democratic way of making. A practice-led investigation.

In my research, I ask the question: How to move from a point of state to an expanded and changed field with new possibilities?

In this study, the standpoint is held that both design and drawing is transformative in nature. Not only does it serve an aesthetic purpose but also plays a vital role on a socio-political level. This study relies on the in-between space that exists between drawing and design where I can bridge, connect and activate the differences as well as the similarities that exist. My work investigates how my practice can be transformed into a social and participatory one. It maps theories of a diagrammatical thought and connects it to Deleuze and Guattari’s rhizome and assemblage theories to explain how it enters the expanded field of design and art. I furthermore develop the idea of bricolage as a complex network which constantly exists in a state of being. Jane Bennet’s writing in Vibrant Matter: a political ecology of things(2012) gives direction to the thoughts concerning the agency of materials. The research concludes with an explanation of how an expanded drawing practice can contribute to social-political experiences.